What Causes CRC Errors and How Can I Fix Them?

What is a CRC error?

A CRC error is related to an inaccuracy related to data transmission. The data transmission can be from any digital media, such as a CD, Floppy disk, Flash Drive, Hard drive or even a network packet. The CRC error pops up when the data cannot be copied from a source to a destination.

What is CRC and what causes the CRC error?

CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check is designed to identify changes to data during data transmission. The data is sent in small chunks or blocks and a CRC value is given to all the chunks. The CRC value provided at the source should match the CRC at the destination, if this fails an error regarding the CRC pops up.

The advantage of having CRC is that it guarantees efficiency and any alteration to the data is reported in the form of an error. CRC ensures that the file sent digitally from a source reaches its destination without any errors or corruption.

Causes for CRC Errors

The major reason for CRC errors are:

  1. Transmission losses
  2. File sending errors
  3. Device accessing the data is damaged
  4. Bad file problems

How to fix CRC Errors

The above mentioned reasons are the main causes for all CRC errors. You can fix the issues based on the type of devices used for data transmission.

Network transmission problems ? Data sent over a network is likely to experience losses due to intense traffic. If there is a problem with the modem, router or switch, the data sent over a network can experiences losses. You should ensure that the file sent is compatible with the protocol used over the network or this can result in a loss. Sending the right formats using either FTP or Telnet can solve lots of transmission issues.
If there are losses you can ?

  1. Try sending the file again.
  2. Check for any problems with the network or modem.
  3. Check for the right format of data sent.
  4. Try a different mode to send the file.

Issues with Removable media ? Problems with removable media such as a CD, Floppy or Flash drive can result in data corruption and result in CRC errors. The best way to solve this problem is to try a different media.

CDs might become unusable if they get scratched or dirty. You can clean the CD and try using it again.? If this doesn?t solve the problem, you should replace the CD. If a burnt CD is causing problems it can either be due to a faster burning speed or a bad drive.

Floppy drives easily get corrupted as the magnetic disk on them is exposed. The best way to deal with Floppy disk issues is to switch to a CD or a Flash drive.

Flash Drives are considered a reliable media but can fail in case of physical damage.

Damaged File Problems ? To resolve CRC errors involving a damaged file, you can try to download the file again. If this doesn?t solve the issue, you can either try reinstalling the program or try a totally different application to open the file.

DMA-related CRC errors– Direct Memory access (DMA) errors occur when the data transmission between the drive and the system is lost. Checking for loose cables can help solve the problem. You can check for bad cables or the port on the Motherboard or the Drive itself. Replacing the device causing the problem will help you get rid of CRC errors.