Solution To Mfc71.dll Error

The mfc71.dll library contains Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) functions and is required for the proper functioning of applications that are developed using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Examples of applications that use mfc71.dll include, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Photoshop.

When do mfc71.dll errors occur?

You may receive mfc71.dll errors when you start you computer, install a new application, or start an application on your system. The following are some of the error messages that you may come across ?

  • The application failed to load. An important component: mfc71.dll is missing. Reinstalling the application may fix the error.
  • The mfc71.dll was not found.
  • Mfc71.dll file is missing.

What causes these mfc71.dll errors?

There can be many different causes of mfc71.dll errors. Some of the most common causes are ?

  • The file is missing from your computer.
  • Your computer is infected with malware.
  • The application that is using the mfc71.dll file has some missing or corrupt files.
  • The Windows registry is corrupt or damaged.

Possible Solutions

Discussed here are some steps that will help you easily resolve mfc71.dll issues on your own.

Procure a new copy of the mfc71.dll file

Use the built-in search utility to search for the mfc71.dll file on the system. Also, look for it in the Recycle Bin. If the file is absent, you can use the following methods to procure a new copy of the mfc71.dll file:

  • Reinstall or update Internet Explorer ? As mfc71.dll is part of Internet Explorer, by reinstalling Internet Explorer you can get the mfc71.dll file back. When you install an application all the files that the application requires to function are saved on your computer.? Reinstalling Internet Explorer is the most easy and preferred way of getting back the missing mfc71.dll file.
  • Copy the mfc71.dll file from another Windows computer ? If you do not use Internet Explorer or are not keen on uninstalling and reinstalling, you may copy the mfc71.dll file from another computer with a similar configuration as your PC. Save the mfc71.dll file in the programs directory of the application that requires the DLL or in the System folder.
  • Download the mfc71.dll file from an online DLL directory – You can also procure a missing DLL by downloading it from an online DLL directory. However, one should avoid using this method as one can never be assured of the authenticity of the source.

Perform a full system virus scan

The mfc71.dll error you are experiencing could be the result of virus infection. If this is the case, then to fix the error, update your security tool, perform a complete virus scan on your computer and remove any found malware.

Uninstall the application generating the error and then reinstall it

If the mfc71.dll file is present on your computer and no malware were reported when you scanned your computer, chances are one or more files of the application with which you are getting the mfc71.dll error are corrupt.

To repair the issue, uninstall and reinstall the application.

If the error persists, check if there are new updates available for your software. To do this, visit the software manufacturer?s website, check for new updates, and if new updates are available download and install them.

Clean your registry

Issues in the registry can also result in various application errors, such as DLL and EXE errors. Clean your registry using a registry cleaner tool and see if this fixes the error.