Resolve Runtime Error 217 in Internet Explorer

What is runtime error 217?

Runtime error 217 may appear on a Windows PC that has Norton Antivirus installed on it and you try to run Internet Explorer 7 (IE7).

Error that appears on the screen

?The unknown exception software exception (oxoeedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812a5b.?

When you close the error dialog box, you receive the following error message:

?runtime error 217 0298f48e?

The above behavior occurs when the Norton confidential helper add-on is enabled.

How to resolve runtime error 217

To resolve the issue, disable the Norton confidential helper add-on. To achieve this, perform the steps illustrated below.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open the Tools menu.
  3. Click Internet Options.
  4. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Programs tab.
  5. Click the Manage add-ons button.
  6. Locate and select Norton confidential helper add-on.
  7. Click the Disable button at the bottom of the Manage add-on dialog box.
  8. Restart Internet Explorer.

Runtime Error 217 occurs with IE7 after you have uninstalled Norton Antivirus

You may also encounter the error message mentioned above when you try to run IE7 after uninstalling Norton Antivirus. If this is the case, then download the Norton Removal Tool for your version of Windows from the Norton website and run the utility.

Note: It is recommended that you run the Norton Removal Tool twice to ensure all the traces of Norton product are removed from your Windows computer.

Other instances of runtime error 217

The occurrence of runtime error 217 is not limited to IE7. You may encounter the error when you try to run other programs, such as Adobe Acrobat or when you start or shut down Windows.

What are the causes of runtime error 217 in these cases?

Runtime error 217 may occur due to a variety of reasons. Listed below are some of the common causes:

  • One or more DLLs belonging to the application with which you are receiving the error failed to register when you installed the application.
  • The Msvcrt.dll file on your system is of an incorrect version.
  • The Stdole32.Tlb file is missing.
  • Your computer is infected with malware.

How to deal with these issues

Depending on the cause of runtime error 217, you may perform the following steps to fix the error on your Windows computer:

Reinstall the application that is generating the runtime error 217

If the error is occurring due unregistered DLLs then uninstall and reinstall the application that is generating the error. When you reinstall, all files of the application are copied as well as registered again. This helps in resolving the issue.

Download the latest version of Msvcrt71.dll from the Internet

Another common cause of runtime error 217 is an outdated Msvcrt71.dll file, which is a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library. If the Msvcrt71.dll file on your PC is outdated, we recommend you replace it with a current version of the Msvcrt71.dll file. To achieve this you may either copy the latest version of the Msvcrt71.dll file from a Windows PC that has a similar configuration as your computer, or download the file from a reliable online DLL directory.

Download the Stdole32.dll file from the Microsoft DLL Library

If the Stdole32.dll file is missing from your computer, then download the Stdole32.dll file from the Microsoft DLL Library and save the file either in its default location or in the System32 folder.

Run a malware scan

A common cause of runtime errors is malware infection. Run a malware scan on your computer and remove any found threats to fix the runtime error 217.