How to Fix Ogacheckcontrol.dll Error

What is ogacheckcontrol.dll?

Ogacheckcontrol.dll is a file that belongs to the Microsoft Office product validation (OGA) process. Microsoft has designed OGA to keep a check on the cracked or pirated version of its Office Products. OGA contains the 2 important files OgachcekControl.dll and OgaControl.inf that check for the originality of Office Software.

Applications affected with runtime error 429 are:

  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007

Error appearing on the screen

?You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows is not genuine and is not eligible to receive all updates and product support from Microsoft.
Click Get Genuine now to get more information and resolve this issue.?


?This copy of Microsoft is not genuine.?
?Please excuse this interruption. This copy of Microsoft Office did not pass validation. Click Learn More for details and for help identifying the best way to get genuine Microsoft Office.?

What should I do to fix the ogacheckcontrol.dll error on my system?

Ogacheckcontrol.dll is part of the Office Windows update process, therefore, it gets downloaded automatically once your system runs the update. This main objective of OGA is to keep a tab on all the pirated versions of Microsoft Office software just like Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) that keeps a tab on Windows Operating systems.

Once OGA is installed, the pirated copy of Office will diminish the functionality of the Office Software. You will be able to open a file, but editing and saving will be limited. This will not let you run the Office update either. Also, every time you try to open any module of Office it will return one of the above listed errors.

This is true for a pirated version of Office, but sometimes even after purchasing a genuine copy of Microsoft Office, the installed OGA marks the Office software as pirated and reduces the functionality. This happens when the Ogacheckcontrol.dll file gets corrupted and identifies the genuine version as pirated. OGA cannot be uninstalled directly from Windows using the Add or Remove Programs utility.

How to resolve ogacheckcontrol.dll error when you are using genuine Office software?

There are two ways to get rid of this problem:

  1. You Can install the OGA software again and re-validate Windows
  2. You can run the Genuine Online Diagnostics.

Method 1: Reinstall OGA

You can install OGA by downloading from the Office Update Website. You can download the file and save it on the desktop so that you can access it easily. After saving the file follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the It has 2 files ?OgachcekControl.dll and OgaControl.inf.
  2. Extract the files to the desktop.
  3. Log into the system as Administrator.
  4. Click Start and then Click Run.
  5. Type %systemroot%/system32 and Press OK to open the system32 folder.
  6. Copy the two files you extracted on the desktop and paste them in the System32 folder.
  7. Overwrite the OgaCheckControl.dll and OgaControl.inf.
  8. Close the System32 folder.
  9. Again click Start and then Run.
  10. Type regsvr32 OGACheckControl.dll and click OK.
  11. This will register the OGACheckControl.dll file and the message ?DllRegisterServer in OGACheckControl.dll succeeded.? will pop-up on the screen.
  12. Once done restart your system.

After the system restarts, open any of the Office applications and it will force you to run the Office Validation again. This should validate the Office version present on your system and remove the limited functionality. If this doesn?t solve the problem, then try the next solution.

Method 2: Perform Genuine Online Diagnostics

You can run the Genuine Online Diagnostics from the Office diagnostics website.

Steps to run the diagnostics:

  1. Click Start Diagnostics button on the webpage.

    Detected errors will be displayed on the screen.

  2. Click Resolve now.

This will solve the problem or provide further instructions to completely resolve the issue.