Fix ?Xvidcore.dll Not Found? Error

The Xvidcore.dll file belongs to the XviD codec that you need to install on your computer if you want to play XviD audio and video files on your computer. Once the XviD codec is installed, you can use any media player that is currently installed on your computer to play XviD files.

Error that appears on the screen

The following Xvidcore.dll error message may appear on your computer screen when you attempt to play an XviD media file on your computer using a media player currently installed on your computer-

?Xvidcore.dll not found?

What causes the Xvidcore.dll Error?

Below are some common reasons for the xvidcore.dll not found error:

  • XviD codec is not installed on your system.
  • The xvidcore.dll file is corrupt or missing.

How to resolve the Xvidcore.dll error

Depending upon the reason for the xvidcore.dll not found error you may perform the following steps to fix the issue:

Install the latest XviD Codec – As discussed above, you cannot play XviD media files if you have not installed the XviD codec. If you are trying to play XviD movies but do not have the XviD codec installed, you will receive the ?xvidcore.dll not found error?.

To repair the error, download and install the most current version of XviD codec on your computer.

Run a malware scan ? If the XviD codec is installed on your computer but you are still receiving the above error, check your computer for any malware infection.

Malware programs are known to corrupt DLL files and generate recurring DLL errors. Update your protective software with the latest malware definitions and run a malware scan on the system. If the presence of malware on your computer is reported, delete or quarantine the malicious programs and then try to play the XviD movie again.

Download the xvidcore.dll file from the Internet – In case no malware was reported, use the built-in Search utility to determine if the xvidcore.dll file is present on your computer or not. If the search results show the DLL is missing, then download it from a reliable online DLL directory and save the file in your system directory. Next, perform the following steps to register the xvidcore.dll file.

  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter.
  3. At command prompt, type regsvr32 xvidcore.dll and press Enter to register the DLL.
  4. Type exit and press Enter to close command prompt.

The Xvidcore.dll error should now be resolved.