Dealing With The Stop 0x000000ed Error

What is "Stop 0x000000ed? or UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error?

Stop 0x000000ed is a blue screen error that occurs when there is a problem with the boot volume of the hard disk.

Operating Systems affected are:

  1. Windows XP Home and Professional.

Cause of the STOP 0x000000ed error:

This error can be caused by two reasons only, they are:

  1. UDMA Disk Caching Issue
  2. Damaged File System

How to resolve the STOP 0x000000ed error

We can solve this problem by following the steps below:

UDMA Disk Caching issue: Disk caching is a buffer or a small portion of memory that is used to speed up access to the disk drive. The data on the disk that is frequently accessed by the user is stored on the RAM or sometimes on the hard disk to increase the speed of retrieving it.

The standard 80-wire cable is used to connect the hard drive to the motherboard. If the cable used to connect to the system is a 40-wire cable then the disk caching doesn?t occur at full speed. This is when the unmountable boot volume blue screen error pops up as it is unable to read the drive properly.

To solve this issue you can replace the 40-wire cable with a 80-wire cable.

The settings for disk caching in the BIOS could also lead to this error. If the UDMA speeds in the BIOS are set as high then the OS is unable to read the disk partition that results in the STOP error. You can load the ?Fail-safe? default settings or Reset Configuration Data in the BIOS. This will get the BIOS to recheck all the configurations again and the issue will be solved.

Damaged File System: If the file system is damaged, you can use the chkdsk command to fix the issue. You may perform the following steps to use chkdsk:

  1. Boot using the Windows CD.
  2. On the welcome screen, press R to repair the installation.
  3. If the system is dual boot then select the OS that? is giving you the problem.
  4. ?Type the administrator password to open the Recovery Console.
  5. At command prompt, type ?CHKDSK /R? and Press enter.
  6. Once this is done Type exit to restart the system.

This should solve the problem regarding the unmountable boot volume. If this doesn?t solve the problem you can run the following steps:

  1. Start Recovery Console.
  2. Type ?FIXBOOT /R? and Press enter.
  3. After it is done Type exit to restart the system.

Both CHKDSK and FIXBOOT will fix any issues with the system files. These steps can completely solve the boot volume problems.